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DUAL FUEL – Potential kombinierter Verbrennung von Erdgas und Dieselkraftstoff

Das Nutzfahrzeug gilt als das weltweit bedeutendste Landtransportsystem. Entsprechend groß ist der Druck seitens der Verkehrswirtschaft und Verkehrspolitik, durch Fahrzeugtechnologie das System so zu verbessern, dass es den ökonomischen als auch ökologischen Langfristzielen der Gesellschaft...» Artikel lesen

Potentials of Thermoelectric Exhaust-Heat Recuperation in Truck Applications

A variety of driving cycles was analysed to find an optimal application of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) in trucks. Numerical simulation did show that fuel economy can be improved up to 7% if TEGs based on BiTe-technology are applied.» Artikel lesen

Engine Optimization by Model-based (ECU) Function Development

Model based function development provides a persistent development process from customer requirements to ECU code. By installing a model based development process, enhanced software quality and reduced development time and costs are reached. In addition highly modular ECU functional software...» Artikel lesen

Intelligent Calibration Tool ICT

With ICT, an automatic ECU calibration can be done. In addition, it carries out the complete documentation. The calibration possibilities range from steady map calibration to fully transient customer cycles. Beside the data management, the knowledge gathered from existing information sources...» Artikel lesen

New Chassis Dynamometer for Advanced Acoustics & Emission Development

Starting from June 2009, ECS will extend its engineering service portfolio with a 4-WD-chassis dynamometer being able to offer full service starting from concepts (engine, drivetrain and vehicle) up to the final homologation. » Artikel lesen