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KULI 11 Features and Improvements

Simulation of dynamic effects in water circuits The new KULI 11 release contains: Dynamic Solver, Simulation Stop Component, Individual unit selection in KULI lab tables, COM-Interface Improvements,KULI lab 64 bit, Subsystems...[mehr]

Modeling Refrigerant Cooled Batteries in KULI

Refrigerant cooling of batteries via chillers is frequently used in BEV and PHEV applications. One alternative to this is direct refrigerant cooling. We show how this can be simulated in KULI. [mehr]

Did you know?

Did you know… there is a filter for the sensors and actuators of a component? So when you have a component with a rather long list of sensors and actuators and you want to find a specific sensor quickly, you can just type (a...[mehr]

Controlling KULI from external programs in a safe and efficient way

With the help of the COM interface, KULI provides many possibilities to control a cooling system simulation from an external program like Excel or Matlab/Simulink. This article explains how to use “events” to ensure a streamlined...[mehr]

Share of Experience

Users and specialists from the KULI team will share their experiences at several seminars, conferences and KULI User Meetings in 2016.[mehr]