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New combustion processes possible with Magna’s electric cam phaser

Magna’s electro-mechanical cam phaser (e-Phaser), consisting of a 12V brushless DC motor (BLDC) and an eccentric transmission, features a unique and patent-protected transmission concept, that allows ultra-compact, light-weight...[mehr]

Multifunctional truck cross member made of continuous fiber reinforced plastics

Magna develops and implements new concepts for commercial vehicles to make them lighter, smarter, and more efficient. In the case presented here, the Goal is to replace a component used in truck frames with a new light-weight...[mehr]

Magna’s multifunctional roller dynamometer for advanced powertrain and vehicle testing

Introduction Magna has a multifunctional roller dynamometer suited for vehicle, powertrain and engine testing at its site in St. Valentin. The roller dynamometer is equipped with four individually controlled rollers which...[mehr]