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Development and Industrialization of a new, very compact drive for a Monorail

BeschreibungThe paper describes the Bombardier Monorail train, its application in urban areas and especially the development and industrialization of the drive unit, Engineering Center Steyr has performed for the completely new drive. It describes the specific challenges for such a drive unit like very high endurance requirements respectively mileage requirements, compact design, integration of the permanent magnet motor parts, optimized cooling system especially for the electric parts, design and integration of wheel bearings carrying up to 13 to vertical force, design and integration of a planetary gear set to provide ratio to the electric motor and high efficiency of the drive. The drive unit consists mainly of a housing carrying the loads of half of a car, wheel bearings, a planetary gear set, active electric motor parts, cooling jacket, resolver and brake disk.
AutorDI Martin Bazant, Director Product Management, Bombardier Propulsion and Control, LLE, Switzerland / DI Josef Leitner, Director Drivetrain Engineering, Magna Powertrain, Engineering Center Steyr, St. Valentin, Austria
VeranstaltungInternational Conference on Gears 2013
OrtMünchen, Technische Universität
VeranstalterVDI Wissensforum GmbH
Datum7. Oct 2013 - 9. Oct 2013
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